About Us

We started Baliaric as a way to bring the vibrancy and energy of island life to other locales around the world. We believe that everyone can benefit from the magic of the Balinese spirit, and if you can’t be in Bali, why not bring a touch of Bali to you.

Partnering with the right people was very important to us, and we are happy to work with a team of local artisans who hand-craft each parasol from start to finish, following long-standing traditions and techniques to create an authentic and individual piece of art for you to welcome into your home.

The history of the Balinese parasol is rooted in ceremony and its symbolism is very meaningful to the local culture. We were lucky enough to be welcomed into a few of these ceremonies during our travels to Bali over the years, and we always felt a strong sense of community with the people we met along the way.

Now that we live in Canada, we wish to capture some of that island ambiance and infuse it into new spaces. We are so happy to share the “Baliaric” spirit with you and we hope
you feel the magic too!

Much love,


Arabella & Javier